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3rd person observational:

Grocery stores. Who doesn't need a grocery store? The answer: no one. The amount of options rivals the diversity of it's costumers. It's a smorgasbord of people. You have your average Joe's; they can represent society's apples. Then there's your crazy people who are still living in the 90's in everyway, with their jean jackets and frizzed hair that hasn't had the company of a comb since the 90's. They can stand for America's hard-unripened melon. Not quite a full functioning member of produce but it will serve a purpose in some time. Just when you think you couldn't stand looking at any more melons, no pun intended, enters the avocado, the people that look like they should be a regular at Byerly's, not Cub Foods. Why are you here avocado? We are "normal" produce; there is no room for your exotic shape and taste. Browsing through the organic isle, pretending that you actually like it. Outnumbered, the avocado disappears between the Thai noodles and corn tortillas. What if there was no color or race, just fruits and vegetables. Can we judge our demographics with a quick trip to the grocery store? There's 10 melons for every apple, 6 apples for every avocado. America's melting pot, literally.

1st person observational:

Shopping carts; why do I always pick the one cart with the retarded wheels? Each wheel is trying to be in control of the cart's direction. Do you not realize wheels, you must work together, not against. Coupon booklet; Why is the paper that's used to make these make my skin crawl. A dollar-69 per pound of chicken breast, not bad. 98 cents for a loaf of bread, this cannot be. Okay, 48 cents for Fresh Express Garden Salad, these prices are unreal. I would pick these up more often if that cheap paper didn't give me the chills. Small child; why must you scream and yell? The overweight child is screaming he's hungry. His even more overweight father is pulling him by his arm. I think he tuned his son out about 3 years ago. I should stop staring. Bar Soap; why are there so many choices? Pistachio nuts; why are you so good? Chocolate milk; why are you so good? Frozen section; why do you consume much of my diet. I've been living off chicken nuggets and Totino's Party Pizzas for the last 4 months. Am I going to die? Better pick up a few, four for six bucks. Wild Berry Lifesaver's brand sorbet; why are you so good? Pop isle; why is there a whole isle devoted to sugary liquids? I will admit there was a time and place for a pop filled diet, but now, I'm more of a water and Gatorade kind of guy. $19.99 for a 12 pack of Red Bull. That is just nuts. Cookie isle; pass. Toilet paper; has it always been so expensive? Or is this just one of those, living on your own realizations. Bread isle; how do they even make bread? wheat, white, organic, potato, and anything else they can make bread out of. Better break out that coupon. Checkout; why are there only two lanes open? Octo-mom, a stripper? I don't believe you National Enquirer. Glad I picked up that book. I saved three whole dollars. I <3 my cub.


It's been awhile since I've been here. They have moved across the street by now. They've upgraded from a tiny shop with two tables to a tiny shop with five tables. The tables are positioned perfectly for optimal people watching. The large windows look out onto Fourth Street. The menu is all the same, still bizarre, but still the same. It reads: Spicy Chicken, Barbecue Steak and Fries, Philly Cheesesteak, Taco, Chicken Pesto, Mac n' Cheese, Gyro, Hawaiian, and Chicken Penne Alfredo. These options don't seem too unusual but they are not just your average order of steak and fries. You have your choice of all these and many more on your very own slice of pizza. Delicious or repulsive, you can decide. Mesa Pizza, located in the heart of Dinky Town, has been creating pizza concoctions for years now. Putting an ordinary dinner on a slice of pizza. A simple concept, but who would ever guess putting black beans, rice, spicy chicken, sour cream, and cheddar cheese on a pizza would create such a delightful entrée. The employees that are working look "cool" since this place has become something of a "hip" place to eat and an even "hip'er" place to work. They have long hair and visible piercings. I think the young lady working knows I have no idea what I want. As I look through the sneeze guard glass at the pizza playground, trying to decide which one of the hundreds of slices I want, she stands and stares at me as though I'm wasting her time. Maybe she just thinks I'm cute. My suspicions/insecurities are relieved when she hands me my large slice of chicken teriyaki with an even larger smile. I've come here with my relatively new-semi-quasi-girl-interest-friend-thing, Sarah. She's a nice girl. She's a vegetarian. I feel guilty anytime I eat something with meat in front of her. However, I like my meat and I need my meat. She always gets upset when I make fun of her for eating eggs, or at least she pretends she's upset. She takes little baby bites of her Mac n' Cheese pizza as the long haired employee sprays down the table infront. With one extra spray and a little more elbow grease, he scrubs the last hardened, left over sauce off the table. My mind has wondered as Sarah and her friend she invited talk about people in their group of friends. The walls are lime green, royal blue, and this warm red I've never seen before. An odd combination, but it works. The friend is fidgety and looks awkward in his own skin. My slice is nearing the end. That's depressing.

From Minneapolis, Minnesota. I still watch Seinfeld everyday and I also run a crappy music blog here.